Extra costs on travelling

Before planning on your holiday and some of the places you want to visit, you need to be ahead of the game by preparing yourself on the hidden costs that you might encounter along the way. Take good precautions or factor in the following on your spending.

Exchange Rate

Extra costs on travellingBefore you travel you need to go for the options which will ensure that you don’t incur a lot of expenses. You need to know whether you will exchange money before travelling or use your ATM card to withdraw money on arrival. A thorough research is therefore necessary so as to get the best of the exchange rate. Also, many forex bureaus will buy your foreign money when you return. Using an ATM card outside the one’s country generally charges a higher fee than normal. Before making any withdraws using a card, check whether your card provider is part of the international partners like VISA and MASTERCARD to avoid hefty charges.

Travelling to and From the Airport

How are you planning to get to and from the airport? When it comes to this, weigh out some best options and avoid unnecessary spending. For instance, instead of using your car and then parking it at the airport, you can use a taxi or a couch to drop you there. This will save you money which could have been used for parking.

Extra luggage

To avoid paying extra cash because you got an extra luggage, you need to invest on a luggage scale that will enable you know your parking limits. Further, the scales are very cheap and they will save you in exceeding luggage costs.

Internet Connection

The modern hotels have internet connections already installed. if you find a room connected to a wi-fi, find out if it is for free or it comes with daily charges. If it doesn’t come as a free token, considering a pocket Wi-Fi can be a great alternative and cheap.


Most airlines offer departure fees in the ticket. However, few countries do charge the departure fee even if you are still traveling further. In line with this, the fees may add up and especially if you are travelling to different destinations. Therefore, it is always wise to find out with the airline that you intend to travel with if there is a departure fee related with the flight.

If you are planning to travel around the US than please check basic travel checklist to know trips and tricks how to travel safely and low cost.